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Vertical Platform Lift and Stair Lift Installation in Pensacola, FL

For individuals with mobility issues, being stuck on one floor can feel frustrating. That’s why you need the reliability of a stair lift or vertical platform lift to give yourself or your loved one the freedom of mobility and access. Turn to Gillette Wheelchairs & Medical Supplies in Pensacola, FL, for vertical platform lift and stair lift installation today.


The Benefits of Having Stair Lifts and Vertical Platform Lifts

If you want the freedom to move around your home or even gain access to your car, then these lifts can help. Discover what each type can do for you.

Stair Lifts

Stair lifts are mainly on staircases so that a wheelchair-bound person can get around easily. Stair lifts offer:

  • Accessibility: Need to move from your upstairs bedroom to your downstairs kitchen? A stair lift can help get you there quickly.
  • Independence: No more waiting on others to help you move around — a stair lift can give you the freedom of movement you want.
  • Safety: You don’t have to worry about falling down stairs with a stair lift.

Discover how a stair lift can change your life.

Vertical Platform Lifts

Vertical platform lifts use space other than stairs to get you from place to another. This can be from one story to another or from a high point to a low point in your home. Vertical platform lifts benefit people through:

  • Versatility: Vertical platform lifts come in various types to match the needs of the individual.
  • Application: A vertical platform lift is installable both indoors and out.

Learn how you can utilize a vertical platform lift on your property.


The Benefits of Using Our Company

At Gillette Wheelchairs & Medical Supplies, we are dedicated to providing you with the stair and vertical platform lists you need for maximum access and freedom. With decades of experience, we can provide in-depth product knowledge, deliver personalized service, and offer you the mobility equipment you deserve.

Visit our showroom and shop today, or call us at (850) 438-7300 to learn more.